Moodle4mac H5p plugin issue

Hi there

I just wanted to ask if some of you have same trouble installing H5P as offline tool with Moodle4Mamp? 

The issue is as follows: Installing Moodle works fine, but the issue is installing the H5P plugin and oploading H5P files. 

When I install the h5p plugin, It takes some time.. sometimes it already stopes at the messages (hv....) but even if I can continue 

installing, I sometimes get the ERROR 500 message. I tried to fix it by extending the maximum limit time in php.ini from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. 

It works better, but I still have problems. As soon as I get the plugin installed, I still have the problems oploading h5p files. I still get the ERROR 500 Message. Sometimes it works, but only rarely.   



I used a moodle4mac (MAMP) package 35. But I tried all from 35 -39 and I had the same issues with all of them.


I am running on macbook air 10.12.6

Yes, I configured the PHP settings like recommended on this site. 

Hence I wanted to ask what your experiences are? 

And how can I solve this problem? 



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I used to run on a similar setup. If it is a fresh install of MAMP, Moodle and H5P you need to increase both the file upload size and maximum execution time.
Yes I get the Error 500. I did all the things you mentioned, but maybe I did something wrong. I went into the config map and the to the php.ini file and I changed the numbers with a normal text editor, and saved.
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Hi Malte,

Error 500 is a catch all error message but as I mentioned if this is a fresh install of MAMP, Moodle and H5P it should have been resolved by the steps I provided. Since those did not work we need to dig deeper, please check the following:

  1. Any browser console errors
  2. Any PHP errors


Could that be the problem (php extention)? How do I install them? 

Kind regards