Viewer and Editor Exemple in PHP (without CMS)

Hello !

I read on your site that H5P only work with CMS, but after many search I finded, it can work with PHP only. (

Even if I follow the instruction, the player doesn't work for me :

  • TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'window.H5PIntegration.contents')
  • TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'H5PIntegration.contents['cid-' + contentId]')


And nothing is written for the Editor yet.


So, somebody have an example for guide me ?


Thank you!

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It's currently not a trivial task to embed h5p into pages outside the CMS'.

I would recommend you open the console in your browser, and try to study those object that you are missing, on e.g

H5PIntegration is an object created in JS, that holds the configuration of H5P, and config for each piece of content on the page.

The only examples existing are the 3 plugins:


- Tom

Oh :/

Nobody have integrate H5P without CMS :(

I take my day to try this, thank you