Scenario Branching


I noticed on the Interactive Video that it is possible to set seek times as an consequential action / response to a right or wrong answer.

This sounds like the basis for Scenario Branching.

Is Scenario Branching possible in H5P IV ?

Although the seek option might be developed to include a hyperlink to another short video clip, this would involve a series of short videoclips stored elsewhere and accessed via static links that get easily broken if the site structure gets moved or updated.

Ideally all the related video clibs would be embedded and linked within the same 'entity' for Drupal CMS connectivity and referencing purposes.

Rapt Media for example I believe have this kind of scenario branching capability and UDUT2 also has a powerpoint / presentation slide based version of it. However, can any of these be imported in to H5P or does it have to presented as a completely separate lesson entity?




Is it possible to link the two content types (find the hotspot and hotspot) ?

The idea is that in finding a hotspot (the basic task), a 'hotspot' is revealed with the same embedded funcationality  such as text, images, video and audio elements and even links to other content and quizzes to created a multi-layered learning experience in which students can dig down ever deeper as needed.

When placed over a background image that already includes icons for the hotspots, it would then be unessary to create extra hotspot icons for the Hotspot content type, unless anigifs or other overlay images and icons are required to highlight the selction or other associations.

It seems that all the functionality is already provided in separatebut very similar  content types, so I don't understand why these can't be combined.

Is there a way to do this that I have missed?



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Yes, scenario branching is possible in Interactive Video as long as you keep to one video source. I guess you can also connect content through regular links, but it would be more fragile and not as smooth an experience.

I've no experience with Rapt Media but I would guess that it doesn't import into H5P. Not without some sort of converter at least.

Unfortunately, there is no way to connect the hotspots content types that I'm aware of.

I know that a new content type which focuses on branching scenaro is in the making, and should make it a lot easier to connect different tasks.