Documents in HTML5 in a CMS page (wordpress)


I begin a new wordpress simple website to communicate about many projects. I'll prepare 1 document per project. I'm using Mindjet 2017 to create 1 HTML5 export per project. each export is ready to be read in any web browser. How can I make a *.h5p file from my *.html document, ready to be integer in any page or article (rmk:I'll have to upload maps quite enough offently).

According to what I've guess, a such possibility could interest Corel and CMS solution users ?!

This need for any script done automatically in HTML5 (from other software) could be one more attractive possibilty for your plugin!

Hope to read you soon,

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Hi Julien,

You should probably have a look in the documentation, on what is needed to create a .h5p file. You probably want to create a content type to hold all the config. And then pack your other *.html in that content type, as content.

- Tom