I keep getting logged out

As soon as I click on anything on top of the Homepage (Examples & downloads, Documentation, Goals & roadmap etc) I keep getting logged out for no reason. As soon as Im clicking on Log in im logged in again and so on. Thus when I try to answer any comment it keeps on saying "Log in or register to post comments". When I click the Log in the homepage only gets refreshed and Im not logged in no matter how many times Im trying to log in. The only way to log in is to click the button on top of the homepage but after clicking anything else Im logged out immediately.

Sorry for my english for I am no native speaker. I hope you get my problem and are able to help. Thanks a lot in advance.


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Hi David,

This is a side effect of the caching placed on the site to help it respond a little faster. The core team is already trying to find a way to fix this issue. What has worked for me so far is to open links in another tab, it doesn't work everytime but its faster than opening/reopening the browser and logging in again.