own created content-types: License and Subcontent Usage


first of all: Thank you for the great work. We are maintaining a free language learning portal and are planning to integrate H5P content-types in our project. In the past we have created our own content-types and also bought some of them. We are considering to migrate them to H5P content-types to have a consistent solution.Therefore I would like to ask if it is possible to put these content-types under an other license than the H5P content-types?

And regarding the technical implementation: If we would migrate them, would it be possible to integrate them as a subcontent in other modules like QuestionSet and InteractiveVideo?

Thanks in advance




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Hi, you are not restricted to any license when creating H5P content types or content, use whichever license suits you.
Implementation wise it should be no problem integrating your new content types as subcontent within other modules. It can be done by contributing to the original repository or using hooks locally. Be sure to implement the required contracts in order to be compatible as subcontent.

Hi Thomas, thanks for the answer. Great news, looking forward to developing with H5P