Cannot import interactive video in WP

Hi, I am installing the Interactive Video module but it always times out, and checking the logs, the WO site is trying to use over 1 GB of RAM and 512 MB swap (the limits set), and that seems a huge amount of RAM to need just to install the module. So it always times out and fails. This happens with the interactive video, iframe and the game.

Is there a manual way of adding them via cpanel or ftp?

I'm using WP 3.9.2 and all plugins and themes updated to their latest version. Theme is Canvas from Woo, but it happened with the previous themes and also twenty twelve.

Please help, would be great to have this addition.
PS: I am not a dev, just an advanced instructions might have to be for n00bs :)


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When you say you're installing the module, I'm guessing that you are uploading the .h5p file.
Currently there's no other way than uploading .h5p files to install libraries on WordPress. But in the next version of the h5p plugin we'll be including the same library administration features that Drupal has, plus some new ones. This will make it possible to upload and install content libraries without content. The next version is expected to be released next week.

Uploading these .h5p-files or installing the module should not require that much RAM. Locally on my computer I've set php's memory limit to 256 MB, and I only have one worker. Please make sure that your web and database server is properly set up to work with the amount of system resources you have available.

What are the log entries in your web server's error log when trying to upload the .h5p?

Sorry, not sure why I missed this. There were no other errors than the "memory exceeded" ones, and my server is plenty for the site. Its a WP site with barely 50 visitors a day and 70 posts. The RAM at the time, I upped it to 1024MB so I'm not sure either. But I will try again now that the comment below is promising!


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We fixed many bugs in the newest version of H5P for Wordpress that was released today. Please try to update. We'll appreciate it if you can post an update here after updating.

Among other things we now work a lot better on sites with debugging enabled and sites with other languages installed.

Hello, thank you for the notification and the followup, I will try again. I had to leave it, it just didnt work for me, like my initial post said.
Thanks, I will revert.

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You should also check the memory_limit option in your php.ini.

Yes, my php.ini is set high, like 256MB. I updated the plugin from wp repository and gives me an error: Fatal error: Call to a member function add_cap() on a non-object in /home/samsmithenglish/public_html/wp-content/plugins/h5p/public/class-h5p-plugin.php on line 223

I also downloaded the plugin from GIT, and same error. Cannot activate it or use it...everything stays the same, I havent updated WP or anything.

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Have you removed any user roles or are you using any plugins to manage roles or capabilities?

Its an English classes site with student levels, and am using the Role Editor plugin from WP repository

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It seems like you may have removed one of the default roles. This will cause the plugin install/update to fail. We'll look into fixing that.

Please make sure you have the following custom capabilities: edit_h5p_contents, edit_others_h5p_contents, manage_h5p_contents, manage_h5p_libraries, manage_h5p_settings
in your role editor, and that your admin role has all of them.