I can't see any updates in translation

Can you help me? I have used Wordpress plugin and have problem with translating libraries (https://h5p.org/documentation/for-developers/translate-h5p-libraries). For example Fill in the Blanks library. I have copied semantics.json file with uk.json name (Ukrainian), then I have translated strings to Ukrainian and have placed uk.json file to language folder wp-content\uploads\h5p\libraries\H5P.Blanks-1.12\language\ uk.json. In this folder I see now 35 different language files. Ukrainian language is set In Wordpress settings option and translation into Ukrainian works great and it is automatic for libraries which have uk.json files (like DragText library). But in my case system doesn’t work with my translated files :( When I try Add new Fill in the Blanks in Text overrides and translations section I can’t see Ukrainian language, but uk.json file exists. What’s wrong with my files? Maybe, I should update some cache or something else? I tried also change text in de.json file, select German language in Text overrides and translations section, but didn’t see any updates in translation.

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Hi moveng!

You'd at least have to delete the contents inside the wp-content/uploads/h5p/cachedassets folder, but if I am not mistaken, that will not suffice as the new language would not be registered. Never tried that on WordPress as it's not intended to be used for development. I assume you'd have to temporarily put in in para-development mode by adding

define('H5P_DEV', true);


to you wp-config.php file, packing the source code into an H5P library file and uploading it via the H5P library screen.


Thank you for your reply. I tried delete all files in wp-content/uploads/h5p/cachedassets folder but didn't see changes. After updating libraries I've got translated files for my favorite libraries from github. I translate manualy only Speak the Word now.

Using h5pcli isn't my level at the moment.

Thank you for your help