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I have created a learning module in a Blackboard Learn course with the Ultra experience. Within this learning module, I created an Ultra document. Then, I inserted an H5P content (via Content Market > H5P Deep Link) to the Ultra document. The H5P course presentation was successfully added to the Ultra document, but it comes with an empty white space below the interactive content - it looks really weird. This behaviour is evident in both Chrome and Firefox. My colleagues managed to replicate the issue in another Learn Ultra course site using a different interactive H5P. Please see attached screenshot and advise. 

Steps to replicate: 

1. Navigate to a Learn Ultra course. 

2. Create a Learning Module. 

3. Inside the Learning Module, create an Ultra document. 

4. Using the Text Editor, click on (+) sign > Insert/Edit LTI Item. 

5. Click on H5P Deeplink

6. Select the H5P content (in the sample screenshot, insert a course presentation).

Expected behaviour: The H5P content will be inserted to the Ultra document without extra white spaces below.

Observed behaviour: The H5P content was inserted to the Ultra document, but it comes with a very wide white space below it.    

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Unfortunately, the Blackboard course documents do not support dynamic content that changes height. This means that a default 600px height is used for all H5P iframes that are inserted. The width, however, appears to be dynamic, and the content scales according to it, yet the height is still locked at 600px, meaning you'll get more whitespace the narrower the content and browser are. We do offer resize scripts for some of the other LMSes that allows the content to fit snugly around the H5P, but unfortunately, it does not appear to be possible to insert such scripts in the documents themselves or the theme inside Blackboard.

It seems the best approach in Blackboard is to insert the H5Ps themselves into the course. To gain the ability to add text and images around the content I recommend using the Column content type. Of course, this does have the drawback that you cannot combine the H5P with other external tools.