embedding H5P content on brightspace


I created content on h5p.com and inserted the embeded code in the concent page (brightspace). After I pressed okay, it displays the image below.  I find this very odd because this wasn't a problem when I created material on H5P.org. What should I do to fix this probem? Also, What is the best way to transfer content from h5p to brightspace?



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The link may be broken or the URL has been mistyped

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Have you made your content public and allowed embedding? 

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Hi Wejdans,

Can you please double check the publish settings by default contents are published as protected. When embedding a content you need to publish it publicly. I would also suggest that you check the embed code to make sure that it is correct. Lastly it is better to to take advantage of what H5P.com has to offer and that deep linking. To set this up you can check this documentation.

Regarding the transferring content the best albeit the only way to do this is to download and upload your contents. This documentation should provide more details on how to do this.

Additional tip there is a dedicated support for H5P.com which provides 24/5 support. You can reach them by replying to the e-mail that you received confirming your subscription to H5P.com.



Thank you! I adjusted the setting and it worked.