Content type translation


What kind of translation solution are you using on the content types for WordPress?

Is the front and back end text always hardcoded or are you planning to implement localization support?

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Hi! It should be possible to localize most interface strings since WP's __() function has been used. When it comes to the H5P content types, translations for these need to be added to a JSON-file inside the language folder, like this:

Please note that we haven't gotten around to testing the localization properly on WP yet.

I'm trying to translate the Timeline content type. It seems that the ../h5p/libraries/TimelineJS-1.0/js/locale/fi-js doesn't get loaded. At least the front end text was in english.

Secondly, how the do I go about translating the content type's admin panel?

The H5P-library is a front for creating JSON that the timelinescript can consume and do something with. It is just the bare minimum necessary to get things going. Whatever translations that are done in the TimelineJS files will only affect the display of the timeline, pluss I am pretty sure the guy who made the script didn't include a toggle for setting the display-language.

The admin panel would have to be translated as any regular H5P. Not really sure how you would go about doing that.

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In the newest version of the Timeline H5P it is possible to select which language should be used.