Unable to Load French Translations Drupal 8

Hi All,

I have set the default language to English and my second language is French. When i go to H5P editor in French site and select any content type the content type is still showing text strings in English.

I did not see any Console error or any other error. I can see in the console that the request was sent to the server like with session variable "?language=fr" But it is not loading the French files. 

You can see in the attached image the Language Detection method set to the URL and User. If I select Session as a detection method it loads the french files. But I don't want to use the session method because once the session is set to French I am unable to switch to the English using language switch button.

Is there any way to load the files without using "language=fr" session variable? 

Platform and version number: Drupal 8

H5P plugin version :8.x-1.0-rc17

Content types: