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I tried to install the H5P moodle plugin on moodle 3.3. It installed fine but I could not create any content type. I keep getting this error: "Interactive Video could not be installed. Contact your administrator."

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Hi profibadan,

You mentioned that you could not create any content type. I have a few questions to further help you with this:

1. Does this happen to all content types or just specific contents?

2. Have you tried creating 'Mark the Words' or 'Single Choice Set'?

3. Are you logged in to moodle as the administrator or at least a user that has rights to add content?


I am the Administrator of the site. It does happen to all the content types.

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Thank you for the information have you also tried creating contents in Please try creating some here. Try 'Mark the Words', 'Fill in the blanks' and 'Course Presentation'. Then please reply here with the results.


I am the adminstrator and it does happen to all the content types

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Please turn on Moodle debugging, as described at Then post any errors you are getting when this is happening here.