upload .h5p in Drupal


I created a massive library of content in Moodle.
Now I want to transfer my library (+1600 pages) to Drupal.

I installed Drupal and add the content type interactive content both 'editor' and 'upload' to the "book" pages.
If I create a new page in Drupal, I can edit it after hitting the edit button.
If I upload a .h5p file, it will be shown correctly but I can't edit it.
If I choose edit, the upload menu is shown; not the edit menu. I can replace but not edit the h5p

Probably this is a drupal problem but I hope you can give me some pointers where to seek.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Can an uploaded h5p be edited in Drupal?
    If not by default, how differs drupal a created file from an uploaded file in the DB? 
    A quick scan in the H5P Content table didn't show any differences. Changing the table maybe can trick drupal into showing the edit menu instead of the upload menu.
  2. Can a massive export of Moodle into Drupal be done as a DB query?
    For now, I go to Moodle, open the course, open the page, download .hvp, goto drupal, upload page, upload h5p.
    I estimate that transferring 1600 pages by hand, will take me 250 hours of work. 

Thanks for reading and reacting


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Hi Dagwin,

1. Yes it can. As a matter of fact H5P.org is created in Drupal. I can also assure you that contents created in Moodle, Wordpress and Drupal can be upload and edited on any of those platforms. You can try to check if you have any errors in browser console as it may have clues to what is going on.

2. For this one I'm not really sure. Maybe someone that have a similar experience can provide more insight.


If you use the module h5p, you can upload and view content but if you later open it, you can not edit.
If you use the module h5p-editor, you can upload using the tab upload.
If you later open this module, you can also edit. So simply connect the content type hvp_editor to the page, article or book, not the h5p.