HELP!! Is there any developer who would be willing to assist with programming changes to H5P for a massive non-profit project

I am working on a project (LinkedInSpirity.Net) to link people across the world, by asking (not telling) who they are, how they define their inner self etc.

The problem is that H5P is set up primarily as a teaching tool, and I wish to use the questionnaire as a way of understanding and connecting people.

Attached is an example questionnaire.

This is a voluntary project, without payment, that I would love to have an experienced programmer donate some time to.

As I have a background in IT (but no PHP experience) I can provide clear specifications for the work to be done.

An overview of the project is below.

I will provide the full details of the project to anyone who is interested enough to get this far.

Please just let me know by responding or emailing me at [email protected]

Thanks so much...



LinkedInSpirit.Net (LISN) OVERVIEW

LISN is to be a global socio-spiritual website, being constructed to provide free tools for humanity’s spiritual needs. Members will be attracted to the site for a number of reasons;

1 It offers a safe place for the soul, where anybody can play in a LISNing sandpit to explore their inner spirituality, while recording their path towards inner growth. The sandpit contains inspirational art, music, poetry or writing but no social/political/scientific/religious opinion/dogma/ theology.

2 It is a facility to find other spiritual people in the world who resonate with the same seasons, questions, virtues and values that you have. Your own resonance with content on the site provides a way for a matching algorithm to link you to other souls by location (hopefully nearby) and by what you are wanting in the interaction (for example, right now you may be wanting to share with those who are also grieving loss)

3 LISN includes a full membership dashboard and the ability to befriend others who have similar questions, multi and hierarchical group memberships, including the construction of groups who are spiritual but not religious.

4 Personal Language Definitions. Each member can decide on the terms/words/phrases that best suit their own soul for a range of key concepts, such as compassion, spirit, religion etc, and these then are mapped across the member’s LISNing experience. Definitions are then optionally associated with each term.

3 The LISN Multi-Faith group locator and membership service offers government or religious facilitators and leaders

-free spiritual profiling based on resonance with questions of the heart

-introduces potential new connections who resonate with people in your group

-maps members and guests by profile, religion and location

-can report all, or just for a single organization, religion or denomination

-Supports groups, subgroups and hierarchical organization

-bulk upload of existing members and groups

-we can maintain your membership locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, with maps and full contact support with security

-No release of any personal information without the member’s specific consent

Benefits to members/visitors

The Linked In Spirit Network (LISN) offers different services for spiritual needs.


1 A resource centre of spiritual or spirit-led offerings from the members. Such things as inspirational art, music, poetry or writing that the member found heart-felt connection to.

2 Location mapping to find others nearby who have common desire to connect spiritually.

3 Location mapping for organisation, group or person who wants to find spiritual organizations (eg churches or temples) or groups who are local or in a vicinity of interest.


This service is for anyone, not a specific philosophy, religion or belief. LISN has a facility to search by tags such as 'spiritual not religious', 'major religion' or 'philosophy', so people can find support that matches their needs, or a match to searchers to whom they can offer support.

There is no charge for using this directory, including access to the features of finding a group of like minded people near you, chatting to them, finding organizations and local groups, etc.


Once you register, LISN helps you to connect to the people and organizations that you want!


Even before registering, you can find support organizations and groups nearby, displayed on a Google map...


You can limit the level of contact to just chat (so that no one gets access to your email or phone unless you release it), so there is no down side!

Membership Agreement

Imagine being part of a social network about inspiration, relevant connection, and spiritual support with no telling, just LISNing to who you are, your questions, your seasons and your experiences. Imagine being able to find spiritual synergy with others, location mapped, by profile or need.

No cost, Ads, catches or imposition, not even a newsletter.

Members agree to create a safe space for each other by agreeing:

1 I will act on this site as if all people have access to a divine spirit of love/compassion

2 I have no right to tell/force other what to believe, and if I do express any opinion, coercion, advertisement, promotion or other inference that I am right, and someone else is wrong, I will have breached my membership commitment, and may be banned/blacklisted. My own opinions and beliefs may be shared with those I befriend on this website, preferably by connecting with them face-to-face, but also via the chat facilities offered. Friends have the right to block interaction for any reason.

3 Offerings to publish on this website are accepted but moderated to ensure compliance, and to ensure that they are gifts from your own experience.

4 Groups can have forums and more extensive interaction, however these are limited to members of the group or any subgroups. This is to ensure that moderation is self-managed and does not impact or damage the safe place for those who do not belong to the group.


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