Interactive Infographics with Column and Course Presentation

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Hello, everyone,

I want to share an infographic about geophysics, which is designed with the content types "Column" and "Course Presentation". Behind it there is basically only one big image, which was cut into appropriate parts to function as background in the course presentations. It is important to "hide" these cuts. Furthermore there are some animated GIFs in the presentations to keep the page more dynamic.

Here's the link: (you can download the .h5p there)

And a teaser image:

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This is fantastic!

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thanks man! keep using and sharing it as best-practice ;-)

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Already did :-) 

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Hi David,

This looks awesome!


Waow, this is stunning, well done and thank you so much for sharing.

Pretty darn amazing.

Thanks for your hard work developing (and sharing) the h5p file.

Thanks for sharing