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I really have an realy urgent problem, because I uploaded the modules from my local Drupal Test environment now to our new website TEST environment. All works nice, no upload problems, all is fine, but: I cannot edit any text within my coursepresentation module, because within that other TEST system, there is a rule set active to enable the overall website content authors to select between various text editor modes such as RTE, Full html etc. So what is necessary so I can edit text again. Would my developers have to exclude the interactive content from that rule set or is there any chance I can manipulate it through any of the h5p or h5p coursepresentation files. I would prefer the 2nd option, but I do not know how. Thanks for any quick advice, as we are close to GoLive....

I digged further and the problem might be caused by the drupal wysiwyg module
There are profiles enabled and also another CKEditor is set active (
I also digged into the h5p files and found two files: h5peditor-html.js and h5peditor.class.php.
Would it be sufficient to set the path in both files to point to the CKEditor used in the website?

Trying to reproduce the problem on my local environment I found that that for the content type "interactive content" no RTE was assigned on the Live environment, so I suggest it's none of the mentioned issues above. However: due to the fact that I installed an additional CKEditor on my local environment and all worked fine, my conclusion is, that at least one RTE needs to be active in order to have h5p running properly. Are my assumptions correct?

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CKEditor is included in H5P. You don't need one on your site. I don't know what happens if you have another CKEditor on your site embedded with the wysiwyg module.

I suggest you provide the H5P team with log in details to your dev site and we'll try to find the problem for you.

I already opened a ticket to my developers, so they should have a look at it first, if they can't find it, I'll get back to you.
The situation is: I have the content type interactive content in Drupal 7. I added some standard text fields for an Introtext before the Interactive content to that content type (i.e. long text etc.) And there, I have no editor either, typically Drupal comes with a build in RTE by default, that is the way it's on my local dev-set up, where all works as it should. But this RTE is also not available on that environment, neither for the interactive content nor for the standard text fields, I only can enter full html.

They fixed it, the problem were missing Editor skin files for my content type "interactive content".