Could not get posted H5P in Wordpress

Hello, I hope this is the right forum for this question. I am trying to upload some H5P content to a website but it is not working. I receive the

Could not get posted H5P

erro message. The thing is, I uploaded that content without any issues to another website. What do I need to check and/or modify?

Working on a Mac. Tried different browser, to no avail.



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Hi Guy,

Usually you would get this message if the content you are uploading is larger than the maximum file upload limit in Wordpress. This page should give you some idea on how to increase the max file upload.


Thank you BV. The wierd thing was that on the site where I had issues the upload limit is much higher than on the other site. I just tried again right this instant and it worked now. Might have been a temporary server issue, not really sure. Thank you for offering help!