Can I display an H5P editor on a CMS front end?

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I need my site users to be able to author H5P content. These users won't have access to the back end and therefore can't author content in the normal way (which is currently through the H5P hub on WordPress). I need a solution which gives results like's examples and downloads section, with the authoring form presented on the front end and available to all users. Can anyone explain how I might go about achieving this? Is there a public repo for where I can see this code?

P.S. I'm currently using Wordpress but I could change CMS/LMS if this makes implementing this functionality more feasible. Or perhaps I will need to ditch the CMS/LMS route and create a custom application for authoring (following the documentation on here regarding manually creating packages) and then arrange uploading the authored H5P packages to my CMS?  Any suggestions are appreciated.


Thanks, Colin

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Maybe a special public access route in the backend is a possible option for you? In Drupal you should be able to use a roles and permission model to give anonymous users access to create content.

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I agree with Sebastian. I believe that implements H5P the way that you have in mind. It's drupal based.