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I have recently installed H5P Wordpress plugin on http://theoff.info/Adventure-Travel.

I am able to access almost all content-type editors except Course Presentation.

When I select Course Presentation on Add New Content page, a message "Loading semantics, please wait..." follows the spinning wheel. Course Presentation Editor does not appear. The wheel keeps spinning.

Any help?

I've one more question. In FTP/Plugin/H5P/ folder, where is new H5P content created by me stored? And what is extension of this file? For example, I created flashcard content and saved it as Test. Where is this Test file located in the folder and what is its extension?


Hi ! I think that I can help you here as I had trouble myself with the "Course Presentation" type of content. I tried the usual way to set up the libraries on my WP website : I downloaded the H5P sample file from the H5P.org download page and tried to upload it on Wordpress. But I had an error message too probably because the file was too big - that is what I assumed at least. So I've created my own "Course Presentation" content online, on H5P.org. I made it very light, then exported it, downloaded it and uploaded it in WP. This time, the upload was successful and I could use the "Presentation Course" editor. 

Regarding your other question, I think that the content that your create is located here : your-website/wp-content/uploads/h5p/content. You have one folder for each activity : 1, 2, 3... In each folder you'll find a content.json file and 4 sub-folders (audios / files / images / videos) in which your assets for the related activity are stored.

If you want to secure your content and get a single file as a backup, than you have to enable "Download" by checking the checkbox "Allow download" in the activity settings. The "Download" button will show up in the H5P frame just below the activity. Click on this button and you can download a single .h5p file which contains the entire activity and its assets "packed up". You can re-upload this file in your WP and/or Drupal plugin to duplicate the downloaded activity (this is a fine way of sharing content with other teachers by the way ;))

It seems that this .h5P file that you downloaded is also automatically saved online in this folder of your WP : yourwebsite/wp-content/uploads/h5p/exports.

I'm not a H5P specialist at all so I hope a dev can correct me if I'm wrong.



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Everything seems to be correct here :) Good explanation! Also the content.json is stored in the database and the database version is the one that is being used for performance reasons.

Thanks for insights!

I have uploaded course-presentation-2-737.h5p, an example downloaded from h5p.org, to two folders using FTP:

mywebsite/wp-content/uploads/h5p/exports and


I have created Example directory for the downloaded example. But the example does not appear on All H5P Content page of mywebsite.

How to open and edit course-presentation-2-737.h5p file from my WP dashboard?

Can I insert images to Course Presentation directly from (1) Media Library by drag and drop  method or (2) URL of the image?



Oh, my gosh, you went to a lot of trouble ! You don't have to use FTP to upload .h5p files to Wordpress.

The "course-presentation-2-737.h5p" is the "Course Presentation" example that I couldn't upload to my Website as well. So I created another "Course Presentation" online.

To do that, go into "My account" on the H5P.org website then click on "Create more content" (screenshot1). Select "Course Presentation", create a very light "Course Presentation" so that the file to download is not as big as the provided sample and at the end, check all the checkboxes from the Settings (screenshot2) before you hit the "Save" button. When the "Course presentation" that you have created is displayed, click on the "Download" button in the H5P frame below the course to download the course-presentation-xxxx.h5p file and retrieve it to your hard disk.

To upload this file into your WP, you don't have to use FTP. In your WP dashboard, click on "H5P activities" > add (see screenshot3). Then select "Upload" instead of "Create", select the course-presentation-xxxx.h5p file from your hard drive and there you go : the content that you created online is loaded into WP along with the necessary libraries to create this type of content on WP in the future (see screenshot4). No FTP, no folders to create or add, no hassle ;)

That's also how you can add H5P contents created by other users into your WP, providing that they enabled the "Download" button on the activities that they have created of course. This is a great and easy way to share, duplicate, reuse and modify contents.

I hope that this is helpful !

I created a new Course Presentation and downloaded the .h5p file. I tried to upload the file from WP dashboard. But nothing happened. So I deleted the file from h5p.org website. But I still have it on my hard disk.

Anyother simpler method? Because I have seen examples online. These Course Presentation examples are enticing and I would like to create some for my website.

Is content created online at H5P.org visible to all visitors whether they are registered or not registered?



Yeah, this is a promising e-learning plugin indeed !

I've attached to this reply a course-presentation.h5p file which is minimal (I didn't add any activity in this course presentation) : could you try to upload it to your website from your WP dashboard (add new H5P activity > select file > upload it) ?

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Everyone can see all H5P content created on H5P.org


I am still unable to create Course Presentations.

Any tricks that will work quickly?


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Does any error message pop up in your console? If you open your browser console with CTRL + SHIFT + J and then go to the H5P authoring tool and select CoursePresentation an error message might appear there explaining why it isn't working. If that happens please paste that error message here.

Hello Falcon,

I followed your useful instruction and received the following error message:

GET http://theoff.info/Adventure-Travel/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=h5p_libraries&machineName=H5P.CoursePresentation&majorVersion=1&minorVersion=8 500 (Internal Server Error)send @ jquery.js?ver=1.5.7:4b.extend.ajax @ jquery.js?ver=1.5.7:4ns.loadLibrary @ h5peditor.js?ver=1.5.7:67ns.LibrarySelector.loadSemantics @ h5peditor-library-selector.js?ver=1.5.7:128(anonymous function) @ h5peditor-library-selector.js?ver=1.5.7:70

Ajax request failed

Object {readyState: 4, responseText: "", status: 500, statusText: "Internal Server Error"}
h5peditor.js?ver=1.5.7:117 error

Could you suggest the solution?


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I think you'll have to check your PHP error log as well. It might be that your web server is running out of memory and that you need to increase the PHP memory limit.