Trouble with "Single Choice Set" and "Allow users to pick up where the left"

Hi again !

I've noticed an issue with the "Single choice set" type of content when the H5P settings allow users to resume the activity where they left it by saving their progress(see screenshot1).

Indeed if a student succeeded in the activity and got the highest score, then when he comes back to the exercise, it is "frozen" on the displayed score (see screenshot2) : there is no way for the student to re-do this exercise because there is no "Retry" button displayed although I ckecked the "Display Retry button" option in the settings (see screenshot3).

It could be useful to display the "Retry" button alongside with the final score so that the student can train again on this activity even though he succeeded once.



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Thank you for sharing. The H5P core team will fix this and give an update here once it is fixed.

Thanks ! Actually, the same thing happens with the "Fill in the blank" activity : once the student has reached the highest possible score and if the "Resume activity" button is checked in the H5P plugin's settings, then there is no way for the student to train again on this activity because there is no "Retry" button (allthough this setting is checked in the admin plugin). A "retry" button next to the score would allow the student to re-do the exercise (see screenshot below).

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Thank you again :)

Core team will fix this one as well and give an update here. Might take longer for this one to get fixed since they just started a new sprint.

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This issue is not regarded as critical and has been postponed.

Indeed it is not critical ; thanks for the update.