It keeps logging me out/switching accounts within 5 minutes

Hi guys, not sure if this is the correct forum to post my query - my company has a subscription plan with H5P, so we have been using the website "https://<company name>" to create our content. Each of our department has its own account and each of the staff within the department has an account of our own as well. However, we have been told to use our "department account" for convenience purposes. I have signed in to my own personal account before but I have been using our department account to create content.

However, while using the department account, I kept getting logged out if I do not interact with the page for more than 5 minutes. Sometimes, instead of getting logged out, I will be swopped into my own personal account instead (if no interaction for more than 5 minutes), in which I had to log out and re-log in into my department account. This happens on a constant basis and I have just been handling it by making sure I complete any changes using the department account immediately and save it ASAP before it logs me out / switches my account. 

I am using google chrome and the content is meant to be uploaded on Canvas (and it works fine). Can someone enlighten me about this issue? I saw a similar post on the same forum but that was weeks ago, and I am still facing this problem every single minute.


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Hi smu,

I think it's best that you contact support by sending an e-mail to [email protected] so that they can check.