Moodle 3.8.2 Manage H5P content types

We are currently doing UAT with Moodle 3.8.2. Currently we don't have the H5P plug-in installed.

I understand from Moodle doc that in order for us to upload .h5p files and display H5P content, we need the content types / libraries on the site. I want to know where can I download the necessary files in order to manually upload the content libraries. My Moodle admin may not be keen to use the scheduled task function.

Another question, say if i do have H5P plugin installed on my Moodle site, will I be able to build the H5P on my moodle site, obtain the URL, and then embed using this method stated in Moodle doc?

Thank you very much. It has been a struggle for me to locate information about the H5P integration with 3.8.

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Hi echan521,

Steps in installing the plugin is on this page. You don't need to manually upload the H5P libraries In order for you to install them in Moodle. You can use either one of these 2 methods:

  1. In the H5P HUB click on the button 'Get' for the content type you want to install
  2. Download the sample contents and upload them in the H5P hub.

I suggest that you install the complex content types first like Column, Course Presentation, Quiz (Question Set) to name a few. Installing these content types also installs the libraries of the content types / activities you can create within them.

Yes you can and if you are wonderin where to get the embed code it is built in on the the H5P contents all you need to do is click on the embed icon at the bottom of it.



I am using Moodle 3.8.2 and have H5P in the core Moodle. But I can't find the content types. I checked the two methods that you mentioned, but I still can't find where to get the content type. Would you please advise further? Thanks!





For Moodle 3.8.2, although H5P is inclued in the core Moodle code, do I still need to install the Interactive Content ( in order to get the content types? Thanks!



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Hi Ryan,

What do you see when you go to a course then Add Activity or Resource -> H5P (interactive Content)? You should see something similar to the screenshot I attached.



I understand the screenshot you showed is the result of having installed the H5P plug-in. What Ryan and I would like to ask is how we can add content to Moodle 3.8.2 without the H5P plug-in. Is it possible?

We are referring to the H5P filter function included in Moodle 3.8.2 core:

Hi BV,

I understand the screenshot you attached is what you see with the mod-hvp plugin. Ryan and I would like to know whether it is at all possible to add H5P content manually without the H5P plugin in Moodle 3.8.2 (see the 3rd point as copied and pasted from Moodle doc below).

Manage H5P content types

  • In order for teachers to upload and display existing H5P files in their courses, the appropriate H5P content types and libraries must be available on the site.
  • A scheduled task Download available H5P content types from should do this automatically (but check if it is enabled and has already run after first upgrading your site.)
  • If it is not possible to use this scheduled task, then the Site administration page 'Manage H5P content types' allows you to upload necessary files.
  • Note also that without the scheduled task or the relevant files being uploaded, course teachers will receive an error message when trying to upload H5P content.


Many thanks,


Hi Enoch,

You don't need the plugin to add H5P content to Moodle 3.8. Teachers can upload H5P files to their labels, posts, descriptions, pages, etc. Whenever they find an atto editor. They can use the 'H5P atto button' to upload it, and that's it.


As you said, for everybody to watch the H5P content properly, the content type itself needs to be in the system. Admins can upload it manually or the scheduled task can be enabled to download them. Or, the user that uploaded the content can have the right capabilities to manage content types. Check and

To create/edit H5P content and/or use graded H5P activities, you need to upgrade to Moodle 3.9 or use the mod_hvp plugin.

I hope this helps.