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I'm using some H5P  activities in Moodle. And I'mabsolutely surprised by the fun of making  an exercise with "Find the Hotspot"!   
But I get stuck after putting the hotspots on a picture. Then there is the possibility to give the assignment to the students. (for example, there is a picture of a house and then for the student above you write "find the door, find the window, find the roof ... and so on.) I know how to do that and it works good. 
But how can the student finish the exercise? Or how does the student know that the exercise is completed?   And how and where are the results stored?  
I also put this question on the H5P forum in, but it seems I'm the only one using "Find the Hotspot". Nobody responds.
Mvg, Henny Jellema

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Hi Henny,

If you are talking about FInd the Hotspots once the students find the correct shotspot they cannot retry the activity anymore. If you are pertaining to find Multiple Hotspots the default setting is that it will provide users a progress bar at the bottom left of the content on how many hotspots they found and how many more needs to be found.

As for the scores/results once all hotspots have been found scores are sent to Moodle's Gradebook. Please note that both content types were designed to always send full scores, since the activity never really finishes until you find the hotspot.