Use of a H5P in schoology.

I am wondering how I would insert a H5P word match into a Schoology assignment.  When I added the link - it is from MY account, and only I can access it.

Any ideas?

How to add H5P content to schoology
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Hi, I'm not familiar with Schoology.

The situation you're describing (you are able to access the content, and nobody else) generally means that the content is not published on I have had a look at the content you have and it should be published, could you check again if others can access the content ?

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I, too, have been unable to embed H5P content into Schoology. I've looked into Schoology's help forums and there's been requests for assistance but no replies.

Are there plans to offer LTI support for Schoology through

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Hi, already offers LTI support, as long as Schoology conforms to the LTI protocol it should be possible to connect it with, have you tried ?

Best regards, Thomas

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Not yet, Thomas:

I signed up for an invitation, confirmed my request, and now waiting for a return notification for when the trial will start.


I just figured this out. In your content (H5P), there should be a button called "embed" (screenshot attached). It will be an iframe code. Copy that.

In Schoology (in your course), click on "Add Materials" and then click "Add Page." Type in your page title/description and click "Create." Click on the page you just created.  Click on the gear icon and select "Edit Page." Now, on the right corner there will be two dots. Select the bottom dot (Switch to HTML) and paste your code (screenshot attached). Click "Save Changes" and you are done!


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Yes, crbell, those are the steps to embed most content (via iframe codes) into a Schoology page. But, H5P content does not display in my school's Schoology course pages despite the HTML iframe embed code showing in the HTML editor. I'm just starting to work with my district's Schoology administrator to test LTI support through . 

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I can confirm H5P content can be added to and displayed within a Schoology course with LTI support through