Any CDN systems that handle H5P?

We have many educational videos that we host on Vimeo Pro. While we can use these to create interactive videos, H5P then stores them locally, which leads to a resources use. Are there any CDNs that can support H5P for local embed?

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Hi, what do you mean by "H5P then stores them locally"?

In the .../wp-content/uploads/h5p/exports directory of our host server.

Perhaps this is clearer:  We use embed links from Vimeo Pro to show videos so the video goes to the student from Vimeo, not from our host server. When we make an interactive video using the Vimeo videos,  a new file with an h5p extension is created in the above named directory. That must be what is then served to the student, correct?  Or is it served from some other server?

We have many 30-50 mb video files that a student must go through. Serving them directly (ie without a CDN like Vimeo) would get us way over our allowed resource use quickly:

So, are you aware of any CDNs that handle the interactivy of H5P files so we can just embed a link?

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If we are indeed copying that file it is a bug. We're not supposed to. The exports folder you mention is not being used by the students when they visit your page. Only if they are downloading the H5P file. Are these H5P files 30 - 50 mb? They should only have a reference to vimeo, not the actual video files.

When the students sees the content on your site the data is fetched from the database, images are from wp-content/uploads/h5p/content and the video should be streamed from vimeo. Please let me know if you actually find the vimeo videos under wp-content/uploads/h5p. They are definitively not supposed to be there if you have just added vimeo urls when you created the content.