Batch upload

Hi everyone,

I have a massive h5p library (>1600 pages) made in the h5p moodle plugin.
I want to transfer this library to drupal.
I already managed to batch download every h5p file from moodle to my local machine. (I will make some kind of tutorial how to do this)
So now I have a directory with .h5p files on my localmachine I need to upload to my drupal site.

Someone already done something like this?
I suppose that clicking the use button in the upload tab after selecting a file, will call a php file with the appropriate set of variables.
I need to call this function from a script in order to batch upload all the h5p files in the directory. 

All help is really appreciated.

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This would be super helpful when migrating from to .com.  Also a method to do it without having to tick "Download" in each activitiy.