integration with or export of results to an LMS

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We have finished our h5p/wordpress/kiosk project (installed and up-and-running at Malmö Museum), and working this in h5p has been a great experience. A fantastic tool. Now it's time to start research on the next project.

We'd like to use h5p within or together some kind of LMS, where h5p results could be saved and handled by the LMS. Moodle would be our first thought, but anything that can handle results and users would be an alternative to research.

I've gone through the forum and seen that Moodle is still in the future, but there's a couple of other LMS integrations mentioned, and have been trying their hand at this from several directions.

Anything new in this area? Any suggestions on which way to test/go?


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We're going to add a showcase feature on Could you be interested in writing a page and add some screenshots where you describe what you've done and how you've used H5P?

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Sure, it will be our pleasure!

We actually finished this project end of June and we started preparing a kind of presentation of it and the problems we encountered and how we solved or worked around them, for posting here in the forum. Then, it was just a couple of days before we all went on vacation, and you know... and it's been on the backburner since we got back in August... we'll give it a go as-soon-as :)

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I think we'll do this the simplest way possible to begin with. If you post it to the forum under general discussion with some pictures we'll do the same with another project and we'll move these two posts into a new forum topic named "Showcase".

I think it will be of great value to others who are considering using H5P to see how others have used it. Thanks!