Importing h5p learning units to Moodle will slow down the moodle system?

Hi, I would like to seek some advice on this. I applied for a project to use h5p in moodle for a course I am teaching. It was rejected. The comments on the proposal were quite positive. The only reason for the rejection was the panel worried the installation of h5p would drag down the speed of the whole moodle system. I heard of this some time ago. I wonder if this is still the case, whether there is any way to solve the problem.


I have tried using h5p in part of my course recently. What I did was to create the learning units on h5p and import the save file to moodle. There seems no problem this semester. But I was teaching small groups this time (30). I wonder whether there will any problems when more students need to use moodle at the same time and how many will be too many.

If this project gets funded, it is likely we will be able to promote the use of h5p across different faculties in our university. I would appreciate it if someone can help answer this question. Thanks in advance.

H5p slows down the operation of moodle?