Can't upload Presentation content on wordpress

I can't upload the Presentation content onto wordpress. It loads but does not upload. Instead it shows the "add new" page without uploading the content. I can upload all the other contents. Can you help please?

I have attached the file in question.

Thank you

H5P file: 
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This probably will be solved by the upcoming release of the wordpress-plugin. It should be published on today!

I had a number of such problems when testing out H5P, but all of then were in the end traced down to a incorrect server setup. (The php.ini file) The only module that would not run with Wordpress is the iframe module. (Tested all other modules on Wordpress today.)

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Hi Arne,

Thank you for contributing! :)

Its an interesting project. Here is one of my tests for the presentation module and Wordpress. (This one on a external web hotel, the other tests on local servers.)

One thing I have noted when experimenting under Wordpress is that if php.ini is not right configured one thing that can happen is that you got something like a "partly installation" of the H5P module. This confused me a bit in the beginning. Some of the files were there, but it did not work. After the php.ini file were "adjusted" all modules worked except for the iframe module that is not implemented for Wordpress.