Scope of pull requests for module changes

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I'd like to improve the 'Mark the words' module a bit, to make it work better with longer text blocks. If the text that should be marked is longer than a few words (e.g. you must find whole sentences), it is treated as a whole block and the text doesn't wrap correctly. Furthermore, if you click anywhere in the text where there is no marked text block, the selection is always one word. If the users know that they must find longer blocks, it is obvious that the single word can't be correct.

The wrapping issue is a simple css fix, but the second problem requires more changes: I'm thinking of introducing an option with which the content creaters can tell the module whether the unmarked passages should be grouped into chunks or be single words.

Should changes like this be put into a single pull request or is it better to separate them?


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Hi Sebastian!

I think that every fix or new feature that can work on its own is worth a pull request.

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I would love to see these changes. I think, however, that it conflicts a bit with the "Mark the Words" concept, and naming. Perhaps you could fork "Mark the Words" and create a new content type based on it. This way we can keep both content types simple and intuitive to use.