Required library H5P.QuestionSet 1.17 is missing

I tried to install the quiz (question set) in my moodle platform.

When I used the section in moodle "Manage H5P content type", appears the message: "H5P content types uploaded successfully", but when I check it out in the list of content types, it's not added.

Then I tried to upload it in the section bar (it's where it allows me to choose if I want to create new content or i want to upload it), but then, there's the message: "Falló la validación del paquete h5p. Falta librería requerida H5P.QuestionSet 1.17" ("The validation for the h5p package failed. Required library H5P.QuestionSet 1.17 is missing").

What can I do to solve this problem?

Thank you very mucho for your help.

Best regards,


PS In the web site shows: "The problems listed below are mainly relevant for developers, and can most probably be seen during the development phase". It includes: "Missing required library. A mandatory library is missing from your package".