Error when try to upload an activity to Moodle


I have the following problem when I try to upload a file herop to my Moodle instance. The Moodle version I have is version 3.1.1, and the version of the H5P module that has been installed is version 1.0 (2017060600).

The error that gives is the one that I attached in the incident. Do I have to upgrade to the latest version, version 1.3, the H5P module for Moodle?

Thank you in advanced

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Hi eduhernandezm,

Can you please re-attach the screenshot.

For your other question it is always a good habit to use the latest supported version both for H5P and Moodle. This is to ensure that you are not exposed to any unpatched security vulnerabilities and you get to enjoy the most recent additions and/or enhancements.