Question regarding HotSpot quiz on H5P

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I use the H5P plugin in Moodle to create quizzes and interactivity for my students. A question I'm trying to crack my head solving is this:

  • I have a screenshot of a software.
  • I use the Hotspot feature in H5P as a quiz to click on a specific area in the screenshot.
  • Students clicks correctly and I get the pop up message to say, "Well done!"
  • How do I continue to another page/slide/link from here? Everything seems to be a deadend after a student answers correctly.

Are there any "hack around" solutions to this?

I also realise that I could "move the the next slide on correct answer" if I use the Presentation option for H5P, IF there is a Hotspot quiz option that I can use for each slide!! :D

Any suggestions? :)




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Hi khewss,

I think the Column would be a good candidate for a content type that you can use. You can also check Interactive Book but this is still in Beta.