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I am exploring Moodle 3.9 and H5P in it. As they say integrated.

But I can not add an activity (H5P) like earlier. It asks me to upload.

How do we create? in Moodle itself? and add in course. Please guide me.

I tried creating new one in Content bank. I can create but not able to add embed/reuse options there so can not download and upload.

So, how to create H5P in new Moodle version?


Please guide me.

Thanks in advance.

Sushumna Rao.

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Hi Sushumna!

The native H5P integration in wasn't done by the H5P core team, but by the moodle team. While I think that someone from within the H5P community might answer your question, you might be better off asking on the moodle forums.



How to create h5p in moodle 

You need to install h5p plugin in moodle




How to create h5p in moodle for that you need to install h5p plugin in moodle

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May I suggest that questions related to using H5P in Moodle have a better chance of getting answered if posted on the relevant Moodle forum at


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@Sushumna Rao

Just noticed you asked the same question on the  Moodle H5P forum, where you got an answer.

May I remind you that cross-posting is not a good practise on forums.