h5p content not displaying when use embed code in Moodle

One of our student is seeing white page on a h5p content type that we embeded in Moodle Page using embed code provided by h5p.com. Other students are not seeing this issue. Embedded youtube is fine to this student, just not h5p.

Is there any specific settings in the browser that this student must allow in order to see the embeded h5p content in Moodle? Anyone knows the answer to this issue? Appreciate any hints. Many thanks!

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Hi Allison,

  1. Does this happen to any H5P content type that the student tries to access?
  2. Does this happen on a specific browser?
  3. Is there any error messages in the browser console (F12)?

As for the specific settings, the default browsing settings should work. However there are several settings that may cause H5P not to work, e.g. microphone is disabled which will cause Speak the Words not to work. For this issue however it could be something else.


Hi BV,

Thanks for your prompt. I managed to find out that '3rd parth cookies' must be enabled in the browser to display embeded h5p content. When this is blocked, I am getting "access denied" error in the browser console (see attached).

Best regards,


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Hi Allison,

I'm glad you found what you are looking for and thank you for getting back to us.


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Hi all!

This is a known bug, and the fix is still pending review unfortunately. https://github.com/h5p/h5p-php-library/pull/66