Collecting Data

Hello, I am brand new to H5P and am trying to understand some of the statistics and data reports that are possible. I am interested in having a pop up of a "was this helpful to you?" that allows people to click yes or no. What format is that data collected? And is it possible to geomap where someone was when they interacted with the video? I am an intern trying to create a video that may go global and want to see which employees geographically may be having issues with the video. Thanks for the help!

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Hi, by default H5P only sends basic user info, such as username and email address, together with the actions they performed in the content type.
Data is sent as JSON, you have to collect the data yourself or with an appropriate tool, such as an LRS.
You can see exactly what H5P sends by listening for the externalDispatcher as shown in xAPI documentation.

Great thank you!