Installing into Moodle doesn't let me see anything

I'm currently updating our moodle VLE to 3.1.6 and moving from H5P RC-4 to the latest version.  When I upgrade it I get no error messages but when I then go to create a H5P content type I get the area to title and add a description, but at the bottom all I have is the word editor.  There is nowhere for me to create a content type.

Any help on this would be great.




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Do you get any errors in your browser's console or in your server error log ? Does this happen every time ?
Could it be that you have some other conflicting plugins installed ? Or that your theme is styling it away ?

Yeah it does happen everytime.  I've now found out the reason though. We use the Snap theme and it just doesn't like the plugin and therefore doesn't show the editing drop down box.



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Hi Kieran,

It's good to hear that you found the conflicting plugin. As you know it does happen sometimes that plugins don't interact well with each other.