Online tutorial on research


I've been using H5P to help build many parts, but not all, of an online tutorial on research, information literacy and using academic libraries. The tutorial contains many chapters and smaller mini-lessons. This is all built in Drupal 7, as a sub-site of our whole library's site. H5P was an easy choice for us because it extended our site's ability to create interactive elements that can also be managed within the site. Plus we wanted to create something with openness baked in, so that other organizations can reuse and remix what we have created.


The online tutorial has it's own sub-theme, but unfortunately it has inherited some technical issues from the library's site, which will hopefully be sorted out soon. Long story short, there are still many, many things I want to improve about this site. My colleagues and I are operating under limited technical support and limited ability to create functional enhancements to the site, but hopefully some of the examples I have created will spark some ideas for you.

Just yesterday I posted on my blog about this project, particularly about using H5P to create HTML5 Open Educational Resources (OERs). Here is the link to this post

And here is the link to the online tutorial
You'll have to drill down into the mini-lessons to see H5P in action. Here is one such example

I'm looking forward to hearing about and seeing how others are putting these awesome tools to good use!

Thanks for reading, Ryer