How does it work?

I guess the basic principles for what the end user can see can be described as this:

HTML5 defines Structure (And some functionality like video/sound etc).
CSS defines Presentation
Javascript defines Behaviour (Interactivity).

So far so good, but then what for me something still difficult:

When I open a h5p module and looks into the files and file structure, how can I know which html5/javascript code/files that belong to the interface that the courseware author will see, and which one belongs to the interface that the end-user or the student will see?

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The files belonging to the editor are located in wp-content\plugins\h5p\admin and wp-content\plugins\h5p\h5p-editor-php-library in wordpress, and the view files in wp-content\plugins\h5p\h5p-php-library

In addition the H5P files contain libraries - in wordpress they are placed in wp-content\uploads\h5p\libraries after upload. The semantics.json files in the libraries are used by the editor, and there are also some editor libraries, usually with a name starting with H5PEditor, H5PEditor.InteractiveVideo for instance.