Copyright with interactive Videos

Hey there,

im working for an university located in germany and we would like to use a video from a television station to add some interactions to it (fe questions, additional informations etc) but we are unsure about the copyright. The video is from a TV station which is located in the EU as well and is uploaded to Youtube.

Are we allowed to add questions etc to the video or are we violating the copyright with it? The purpose of the video is non-commercial and only has educational purpose. We are aware of the Fair Use Law (but as far as i understand it, it's only for the USA) and Creative Commons, but still or especially working with H5P how's the regulation then?

If there's broken english, i apologize for it. If you need additional informations or if something was unclear, please let me know.

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Hi Fluffy!

It is law, so it is complicated - and this forum is probably not the best place to get reliable legal advice.

Episode 50 of "Rechtsbelehrung" ( should give you some more insight. In short: It will still have to be ruled by courts if adding overlays to YouTube videos is considered to be a modification of the original video from a legal point of view although from a technical perspective it is not (but you're just embedding the video).