Eurekos is the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) for organizations ready to make a difference. Eurekos facilitates innovation and integration in your teaching and learning programmes by empowering the teachers and addressing new technology the the way it should be. Integrated and easy. Don't recreate the world - embrace it and experience for the first time the impact really breaking the system barriers has on formal and informal learning, collaboration and community building.

International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) is an autonomous institution under the Government of Kerala, mandated with the objectives of co-ordinating FOSS initiatives in Kerala, as well as linking up with FOSS initiatives in other parts of the world. Learning and Media Technology Lab of ICFOSS is contributing to the development of H5P. In addition to contributing new content types to H5P, ICFOSS is promoting adoption of H5P among educators in Kerala

Opigno is a full-fledged Learning Management System based on Drupal, intuitive, very scalable, and compliant with H5P technology.

Society for Promotion of Alternate Computing and Employment(SPACE), is an organization formed and nurtured by a team of professionals and social activists who share the dream of freedom of knowledge and the use of ICT for human development. SPACE played important role in Kerala's adoption of free software in general and migration of schools in Kerala to free software. SPACE identified H5P as important development in free software for education and started promoting it.