Press release: H5P going into Moodle Core

Moodle and Joubel, the creators of H5P, are working together on a major initiative to incorporate H5P into the Moodle LMS.

H5P is an open-source framework used by instructional designers and educators to create interactive content that enhances the learning experience, such as quizzes, games, videos, drag and drop activities, and more.

The release of Moodle 3.8 will allow users to easily upload H5P content into courses and natively play it back. Moodle will continue to extend the H5P integration over the next few releases to, in the end, enable users to create, share and reuse H5P interactive content without the need to install any extensions. 

“Moodle is the most popular learning platform in the world and this new integration will bring hundreds of millions of new users to H5P. H5P is already the most popular content extension among Moodle users and the tighter integration and official support will propel both projects towards their goals.” said Sander Bangma, Product Manager for Moodle LMS.

Svein-Tore Griff, Founder of H5P, says: “Being integrated in Moodle Core is a major step towards the H5P community’s goal of empowering everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content. Our relentless focus on making it easy and intuitive to create appealing content will now benefit the millions of instructors using Moodle and hundreds of millions of learners around the world. We appreciate that Moodle now officially has joined the H5P movement, and look forward to the coming months and years helping each other reach our very similar goals.”

Moodle’s CEO, Martin Dougiamas, says: Our users were asking for this, so we’ve made it a priority. With H5P standardised in Moodle’s LMS products, our teachers (and students) have the ability to use and share some interesting content without needing special tools. I am especially pleased to be working with H5P as they, like Moodle, are Open Education Technology: education-focused technology developed as pure open source with open support and a self-sustainable business model (see  I look forward to taking the stage with them at our premiere Global MoodleMoot in Barcelona, November 18-20.”

The co-development shares the vision of empowering teachers. Moodle teachers will be able to create better interactive content faster. H5P promises to leap-frog the quality and quantity of interactive content by making it easier for teachers to build upon each other’s efforts instead of starting from scratch every time.