D2L all in on H5P

H5P + D2L banner

We have grown and prospered tremendously over the last ten years thanks to the vigilant efforts of all of us in the H5P Community. We started as a small group. Some of the other Core Team members and I were coding and answering forum requests full-time during the first few years. Many of us were spreading the word about H5P in conferences around the world. Now, H5P is used at scale, worldwide. The rapid increase in adoption has caused the H5P Core Team to struggle to keep up with the community’s developments. The Core Team is growing, but not fast enough.

Today, I am humbled to announce, the H5P Core Team is joining D2L. The organization responsible for H5P is no longer just a small team of 30 headquartered in Norway. The company behind H5P is now more than 1000 employees strong, with a global presence.

Our first release as D2L enables community members to contribute more easily. D2L is keeping us as a dedicated product group under the leadership of President Stephen Laster. It will be led by me and the rest of the original H5P team, with other H5P contributions being made by D2L from other units. The vision and direction of H5P remains the same. There will be even greater focus on H5P as an open, transparent and community driven project.

h5p community

H5P will of course continue to be open source. The development will be boosted with more H5P Core Team resources and better facilitation for community participation.

I look forward to continuing our hard work towards implementing the vision of H5P. Now, with a lot more available resources.

We will continue to empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content with a much larger organization backing and coordinating all our efforts.



Q: What is happening?

A: D2L’s acquisition of H5P Group will enhance the H5P product and services by integrating additional resources and expertise. Our goal is to maintain H5P’s innovative and user-friendly aspects while leveraging D2L’s robust infrastructure to improve performance, reliability, and support. We can expect continued innovation and improved service delivery.

Q: Will the acquisition benefit the H5P community?

A: D2L is committed to investing in and contributing to the H5P community as it helps more educators deliver engaging and interactive learning experiences, both to D2L users and beyond.

Q: I am a H5P.com user, what happens to my contract?

A: There will be no change to your contract. D2L has bought all the shares of H5P Group, but your contract will continue to be with H5P Group.

Q: Will H5P continue to be open source and continue to be developed?

A: Yes, all parts of H5P that are open source today will continue to be open source and will be maintained and improved at a greater pace than before.

Q: Will H5P continue to maintain integrations for Moodle, Canvas, WordPress etc.?

A: Yes, all existing integrations with other LMS platforms will continue to be maintained. This guarantees that current users will not experience any disruptions and can continue leveraging H5P’s capabilities across various learning management systems.

Q: Will it still be possible for community members to contribute code?

A: Yes, community contributions will continue to be welcomed and encouraged. This open collaboration is essential for the ongoing innovation and improvement of H5P, fostering a vibrant and active community.