Find the Words

Feedback for learner interactions


Hi All,

First off I would like to appreciate the good work H5P is doing. I would also like to know if it is possible to add feedback audio for learners with low vision or no vision at all when finishing an exercise. For example, if a learner is performing a crossword puzzle or a word search and can answer all the questions correctly can there be a feedback audio message telling the learner congratulations? or to try again if some answers are wrong and some are right? 

This would be a great milestone for H5P for all the different types of activities.


CSS Breaks in "Find the words" content type.(mobile version)


I have seen that "Find the Words" content does not load in mobile properly. Whenever we have words having more than 6 letters, the layout breaks. I checked the CSS in google inspect tools and I found that it simply gets the size "512px x 512px" in mobile although it should have been not more than 380px. The issue is not on just one website but all my websites. Can you help me learn how to fix this issue?