Replacing folder name



I downloaded the GreetingCard example and I simply renamed the folder and updated the "mainLibrary": name in library.json file and the name in h5p.json file name. I tried reloading it, but I get an error. What else do I need to change? I changed the folder name to Greet and zipped using command line. It works if i dont change the library name or anything else. I want to know what else do I need to modify.

Error when altering a library

First let me walk you through what happened. I downloaded the interactive video library and used it for wordpress and it worked just fine. In attempts to add on to it, I first decided to try creating a simple H5P library, such as the Hello World! tutorial. After creating it following the step by step instructions, it allowed me to put the library on my website, but when I tried to create with type "Greeting Card" it just gave me a blank page. Then I realized there were updated versions of it of patch 1.3, and so I copied the files and it worked.