Tracking The Usage Of H5P (anonymously)

This page contains an overview of the different data collected by the H5P plugins and why it's important to contribute information. The primary goal of the anonymous data collection is to generate statistics. The intended use of the statistics is to help guide the development in the right direction and thus help the H5P Community to prosper. Contributing data is, of course, optional and you may easily disable it in your plugin. 

We never gather personal or sensitive information like e-mail addresses, user results or anything similar.

The following data is automatically gathered unless disabled through the plugin:

  • Site Type – The plugin automatically determines if the site is a local site, a network site or an internet site.
  • Platform Version – Information about which version of the H5P plugin is used and which Platform it's installed on is important to tell if people are able to keep up-to-date with the newest releases of H5P, and if we need to make the process simpler.
  • Number of Authors – We do not track how many users you have in your system, but rather how many has authored H5P Content. This tells us a lot about how people prefer to use H5P. (We know nothing about the authors, just the number of authors)
  • Content Types – Which Content Types are installed and a set of various numbers designed to help us determine usage patterns. This will, in turn, helps us understand which parts of H5P we should focus on and where people might be struggling.
    • Version Number – Are people staying up-to-date?
    • Number Of Content – Are people using this Content Type?
    • Number Of Times Loaded In The Editor – Are people trying to use it, but having trouble?
    • Number Of Times Content Has Been Saved – Do people survive our authoring tool?
    • Number Of Uploads – Are people reusing content from other places?
    • Number Of Deletes – Are people unhappy with a certain Content Type?
    • Number Of Result Views – Do people use our simple score keeping?
    • Number Of Shortcode Inserts – How people prefer to use H5P (WordPress only)
  • Date & IP – Since the data is submitted from your server, and due to the nature of the protocol, we will automatically get the IP you are sending from and when the data was submitted. This normally doesn't allow us to identify an individual person or to to identify your site and we do not track the site's URL.
  • Site Key – To be able to tell the different sites apart each site receives a unique ID the first time data is submitted. This ID consists of a random part and a hashed key from the local path on the server. This is necessary to be able to tell cloned sites and different setups of the same site apart. 

Should I disable it for my development or staging site?
No, we generally recommend always leaving the data contribution enabled.

Is it dangerous? 
Many people are worried about data tracking, but we can ensure you that the data is totally anonymized and that there will be no drawbacks for you, only perks.

If something is unclear or you have any other questions, please use the comment section below.