Featured content type: Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks is the H5P version of the cloze test.

Fill in the blanks tasks will usually contain a text with some missing words or expressions. Users fill in these blank fields with text using the keyboard. 

Test your knowledge about the 2014 World Cup by taking this quiz: 

Quiz created by Chris Knowles in his blog article about H5P on wpmudev.org.

This content type is fully responsive and displays nicely on all screen sizes. Fill in the blanks can be used alone, or they can be included in compound content types such as Question sets, Interactive videos and Presentations.

As a content designer, you add text blocks in the editor. Then you define which words to hide as blanks using asterisks. It is possible to define several correct alternative answers per blank by using slashes, as the screenshot below illustrates. It is also possible to have several blanks per line of text.

In the editor, you may provide the end user with hints by using a colon, as the example below illustrates.

As a content designer, you can also choose whether the answers should be case sensitive or not. There are a few more options to customize this content type. Find out by taking a look yourself!

As always with H5P you may edit or translate all the default text strings to your own liking.

Here are some more examples where Fill in the blanks is used:

You can find the Fill in the blanks for download here. Just upload the .h5p file to your site (powered by one of the supported frameworks) and create your own! The editor comes with the H5P file, as usual with H5P.

If you prefer, you can always test drive H5P right here on h5p.org