May 2023 Status Update

status update banner april 2023

We have a lot to look forward to! These are the main projects the H5P Core Team are currently working on:

  • New development environment for programmers is being tested by the Core Team and other community members. - This will speed up the development of H5P.
  • The first version of the H5P Content Hub has been implemented and is now being tested.
  • Planning H5P 2.0…
  • Experimental AI based content import. – Currently being piloted by several customers.
  • New page by page mode for The Chase, and improvements to the self-paced mode where the game music for this mode may be played on the learner’s device. There will also be a new end screen.
  • Dashboard for customers showing usage and adoption over time.
  • More automation on, mostly making it easier for the H5P Core Team to manage for a rapidly growing user base.

The Core Team is also working diligently, in collaboration with other community members, to identify what should be the main focus for the end of this year and the next. Some of our designs have been unchanged for many years, the content type list is overwhelming for new users, AI shows significant potential for empowering teaching, and the editing experience in some content types is a bit clunky.

We are now conducting surveys so that all of us may provide input on what the main priorities should be going forward. There are more and more developers working on H5P ensuring that we have better (and better) pace. By setting the right direction we ensure that we stay in the lead.

What to do next?