image hotspot HTML possible?

How can I put some HTML/other rich content into the overlay in a hotspot image, instead of just text?
Thanks for this great project.

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I hope we'll be able to update Image hotspot with support for rich text soon. What kind of formatting options are you looking for?

For a interior decoration/furniture application, I want to make an interactive application with a room photography, where are several hotspots highlighting various products: furniture objects, light fixtures etc. After clicking, I would very much like to have in the overlay:
- an interactive 3D view of the object (a webgl embedded object > iframe?)
- other photos of the object
- links to a eshop
- description tabs

... well, pretty much other html5/js content :)

Ok, it seems you would like to be able to add all kinds of code in those hotspot popups. We'll probably be adding a permission in the future where authors with this permission will be allowed to override the security system in H5P, this would probably solve your problem. In Drupal it is also possible to add tags to the whitelist for specific content types and fields, if we add this to Wordpress it would probably solve your problem as well?

I'm not accustomised with security policies in H5P, seems to be a very important issue, on architectural level. (Which is very good, that gives me confidence). The author permissions is a sound admin feature. Also, I read about whitelisting in Drupal. If this fits H5P's security policy, that is absolutely okay, since this content is not necessarily dynamic or user-modifiable, at least as I see it. With finegrained use roles, I think we can assign rights for pages and posts (so I suppose for custom post types, I'll check), so this is related to author permissions.

But all above are rants from someone not very accustomised with security techniques. All I want is to put some other rich content inside that popup. A developer could write from ground up each such presentation, but a tool like that will definitely spark among designers :)

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Thank you for your answer. It seems you'll have what you need when we get these planned features in place then. I'm unable to provide you with an eta. for this.

Any news about rich content in popups? Thanks in advance.

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We haven't added the features yet, and we still have no ETA :/

I'm very new to H5P (which is great!!!) and I wonder if you could link hotspots or hotareas to a certain URL. Or is there any other content type with responsive areas that link to a certain URL onclick.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Barbara, no I don't think there is such a content type.

- Tom